Booking your first appointment 

Get support and guidance to reduce overwhelm and be clear on your nutritional priorities during our online, phone or face-to-face clinic appointment.

Programmes & Consultations

Whichever service you choose, you'll be asked to complete a pre consultation health questionnaire first. This will be emailed to you at the point of booking. All consultations are conducted either online via a special secure platform, or by telephone. You choose what suits you best. 



Initial 75-minute consultation

For when you want to assess your immediate nutritional and health priorities and reduce overwhelm.


You might be feeling anxious, confused or stressed by all the conflicting cancer nutrition information coming at you and you want to make sense of what you should be doing. Perhaps you are battling with treatment side effects and you need some immediate nutrition advice to help you manage symptoms and start to feel better. 

This single appointment is the place to start taking back control. 


3C - Clarity, Care & Confidence Programme

3 consultations

Clarity: We clear up any confusion around false information and commonly shared food myths. Then we assess your needs and determine the best diet for your individual circumstances, diagnosis and treatment. And we kick-start a nutrition plan that works in and around your life. 

Care: I am here to support you at every stage, emotionally and practically, helping you stay on track, offering advice and making adjustments. I look at you as a whole person and support more than just your diet, but your life and well being in general. 

Confidence: As you progress, I am here to reassure you, building your resilience, energy and confidence in your own nutrition choices for now and the future.


Nurture Programme 

5 consultations

The highest level of support to help you get the best possible outcome through a programme of nutrition coaching and support - whether recently diagnosed, going through treatment, in recovery or seeking supportive care.

Together we navigate whatever stage you're at with personalised nutrition plans and nurturing support. Everything we do is designed around your preferences and lifestyle so you can live life the fullest way possible. You can email me with questions in between your appointments or simply if you need some friendly support. I am here to help you every step of the way.

 Workshops &  Talks

Do you have a group who could benefit from learning more about how nutrition affects wellbeing during cancer? I offer trusted clinical advice to cancer patients, their families and other providers of cancer care. 

I pride myself in creating interesting, interactive and welcoming workshops where people can feel comfortable to ask questions and share their concerns, and experiences. My aim is to provide knowledge, reassurance and inspiration about the importance of nutrition. 

My talks go beyond food. I take a whole person approach, looking at the impact of stress, sleep, digestion, physical activity and mindfulness. I will happily design a workshop or presentation to suit your needs.

Prices from: £250

Mrs A.L

During and after my treatment, Meredy provided advice on my diet and nutrition that helped me manage side effects as well as better support my long-term nutritional needs. Her advice was easy to adopt and not only ensured that I was at my strongest during treatment, but that I started my recovery from a position of strength.

Importantly, Meredy treats each patient as an individual and develops plans that meet their specific needs. She has a wealth of knowledge that allows her to provide holistic advice that really made a difference and that I still follow today.



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