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Cancer Nutrition Client Testimonial - Caring and considerate

Updated: Mar 10

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I booked the nutrition programme because I wanted reassurance that I was eating and drinking the foods that were good for me. I wanted to know whether I should be adding anything to or taking anything away from my diet.

The sessions made me feel hugely reassured. Meredy is calm, knowledgeable and imparts her knowledge with a good sprinkling of common sense. I have thoroughly enjoyed trying all of the superb recipes Meredy has shared with me and most are now staples in my week.

Meredy is sensible, logical, well informed with the latest research with regards to diet. She is thorough, caring, kind and considerate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Meredy to anyone I know.


If you would like cancer nutrition support, advice, and encouragement, please get in touch with us at The Cancer Dietitian.

T: 020 8064 2865

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