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Cancer Nutrition Client Testimonial

Updated: Mar 10

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I received a shocking stage 4 cancer diagnosis having been admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis. Shortly after I was advised to eat a low residue diet and increase my iron content. What was allowed on one wasn’t recommended on the other. Food and eating well has been a core part of my life for years, on diagnosis I decided to fuel my body with nutrients but the low residue diet didn’t allow for most of the foods that may fight cancer. I suddenly felt completely lost and overwhelmed and unsure where to turn when I found Meredy’s website. I booked an online consultation for the next day. After the consultation I felt empowered and in control again. Like I could do something positive to improve my outcome. The whole diagnosis had happened so quickly and unexpectedly and I hadn’t allowed myself much time to feel anything. Within 5 minutes of telling Meredy about my diagnosis I was in tears, Meredy gave me the space to do this and we turned the conversation into positive actions that could fuel my body ahead of chemotherapy. I came away with a much better understanding of how to protect my bowel from blockage through soluble fibre consumption rather than a strict low residue. Meredy produced a follow up with a plan that included nutrient dense vegetables - all peeled and deseeded, healthy fats and proteins. There was also a wide variety of suggested meals, snacks and fortifying drinks along with supplement recommendations and and well-being advice.

Please book a consultation with Meredy! She has such expert knowledge and is a kind, listening ear who can guide you through this very tough time. The advice is tailored to you and your lifestyle, follow up is concise, easy to follow and invaluable.


If you would like cancer nutrition support, advice, and encouragement, please get in touch with us at The Cancer Dietitian.

T: 020 8064 2865

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