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Cancer Nutrition Client Testimonial - Secondary Breast Cancer

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I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer which was devastating. I was aware how important diet is in all our lives, now I had this diagnosis I felt it was an imperative to understand the best possible diet for my condition.


Working with Meredy has given me more than I ever anticipated. I expected to gain knowledge regarding cancer nutrition and the foods I should eat and those to avoid, what I hadn’t realised was the additional benefits I got from working with her. I now understand how diet is one element of the toolkit to manage cancer along with exercise, sleep, and a positive mindset, we have discussed all of these in context. With her mass of experience, depth of knowledge, endless encouragement and support combined, has helped me through some difficult times. When I was suffering from mouth ulcers due to the medication, Meredy was able to advise me on products which helped alleviate some of the pain and reduce the number of ulcers. Over the two years I have been with Meredy, she has always encouraged me to live my life and look for ways to eat “prohibited” food safely so I haven’t felt constrained by the food I can’t eat. Working in partnership with Meredy has given me some of the control I needed in a cancer world which often feels out of my control. I know I am able to contact her at any time which in itself is reassuring, and I look forward to talking with her on every occasion.


If you would like cancer nutrition support, advice, and encouragement, please get in touch with us at The Cancer Dietitian.

T: 020 8064 2865

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