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Tailored Support

Whether you just need a safe space in which to ask questions, or a more detailed step-by-step cancer nutrition programme, I am here for you.

assess & de stress consultation



Nurture Programme



Want to understand your nutritional priorities during treatment and beyond?

To feel less overwhelmed? Receive friendly, personalised support and advice you can trust. Connect online or by phone in the comfort of home.

Assess & De-stress

Nutrition Express

60-minute consultation

Nutrition Express

 A cancer diagnosis triggers many worries, fears, and questions. This session gives you the chance to ask me - a specialist cancer dietitian - anything you like about nutrition and receive personalised support.

I give you immediate answers to your questions and help reduce overwhelm and uncertainty about the best ways forward. I provide useful advice to get you on the right track. As well as signposting you to resources and ongoing support options. No question is too 'silly' or insignificant. Feel free to take as many notes as you want during our session to ensure you capture all the valuable information shared.

What's included 

  • A pre consultation health questionnaire, emailed to you on booking.

  • 60 minutes to discuss and explore any queries or concerns about your health and nutrition. 

  • Specialist advice, guidance, and recommendations for useful resources that cater to your specific  nutritional needs during cancer.

  • Evening and Saturday appointments are available on request to accommodate your schedule.

  • Customise your support - book the Nutrition Express Consultation as many times as you like for flexibility in creating your own programme. 

Cost: £175 for 1 x Nutrition Express consultation

Advanced Nutrition Consultation


"Please book a consultation with Meredy! She has such expert knowledge and is a kind, listening ear who can guide you through this very tough time."

Nurture Programme

Personalised Nutrition Coaching & Support

Nurture Programme

Whether you are recently diagnosed, going through treatment, in recovery, or seeking supportive care, Nurture is designed to meet your specific needs. Together, we will work towards achieving the best possible outcomes for your health and quality of life.

Through my services, I offer:


Clarity: I help untangle any confusion you may have regarding nutrition, supporting you in navigating through overwhelming or conflicting information that you may have come across. Together we assess your needs and determine the best diet for your individual circumstances, diagnosis, and treatment. This creates a solid foundation for a nutrition plan that seamlessly fits into your life.

Care: Providing support at every stage, I am here for you emotionally and practically. My role is to help you navigate any challenges that arise, offer advice, and make necessary adjustments. Taking a holistic approach, I consider your overall well-being and support you beyond just your diet.

Confidence: As we progress together, I offer ongoing reassurance and guidance. We work hand in hand to build your resilience, energy, and confidence in making positive nutrition choices, not only for the present but also for the future.

What's included

  • A pre consultation health questionnaire, emailed to you on booking.

  • An initial 75-minute consultation in which I take an in-depth medical and lifestyle history. 

  • Specialist cancer diet and nutrition advice, guidance, and reassurance.

  • I summarise your key diet and lifestyle priorities and create your Personalised Nurture Roadmap, a bespoke nutrition and well-being plan to get you on the path to health. It is sent to you within 2 working days. Your plan is entirely bespoke and unique to you based on your specific health concerns, where you are in your cancer treatment, the medications you are on, and your lifestyle considerations. But it typically covers:

  1. A written summary of the consultation to help you re-cap what was discussed.

  2. Step by step nutrition advice,

  3. Specialised therapeutic dietary recommendations such as digestive support, immune system support, healthy weight loss or gain.

  4. A whole person approach including sleep, stress management, relaxation, and exercise considerations.

  5. Recipe links, lifestyle recommendations, and other useful advice.

  6. Nutritional supplements may be recommended if applicable. 

  7. Nutrition coaching tools such as a healthy habit tracker to help you achieve your goals.

  • We hold our regular consultancy sessions - scheduled to best meet your needs. Follow up consultations are 50 minutes. You will receive a Personalised Nurture Roadmap plan following each session. 

  • Choose between the 3-Consultation Programme or the 5-Consultation (gold standard) Programme.

  • Evening and Saturday appointments are available on request. 


After you've completed your Nurture programme, we will explore what level of future support you would like. It could be you have everything you need already. Or you may still value my guidance and care for the next stage.

Cost: £795 for 3 consultation Nurture Programme

Cost: £1275 for 5 consultation Nurture Programme


"I think she was the voice of reason! Meredy gave me some straightforward suggestions of dietary changes and some supplements to take, all of which I've been doing. I do feel I am supporting my body in its recovery..."
Chia Pudding

Still Have Questions?

We're here to help.

Call us on 020 8064 2865 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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