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Workshops & Talks

Workshops & Talks

Workshops & Talks

Do you have a group who could benefit from learning more about how nutrition affects wellbeing during cancer? I offer trusted clinical advice to cancer patients, their families and other providers of cancer care. 

I pride myself in creating interesting, interactive and welcoming workshops where people can feel comfortable to ask questions and share their concerns, and experiences. My aim is to provide knowledge, reassurance and inspiration about the importance of nutrition. 

My talks go beyond food. I take a whole person approach, looking at the impact of stress, sleep, digestion, physical activity and mindfulness. I will happily design a workshop or presentation to suit your needs.

Suggested Topics

Demystifying media messages. Example: should I avoid sugar and dairy?


Managing treatment side effects - like dry mouth, sore mouth and taste changes


Reducing fatigue and improving energy levels during cancer treatment

Nutrition to bolster the immune system


Maintaining appetite and vitality

Improving digestive health

Nutrition and breast cancer

Eating well once you're in the clear

The role of nutritional supplementation in cancer care

Prices from: £300

What my clients say

"Meredy’s cancer nutrition workshop was superb and inspiring.  It was professionally presented, informative and fun.  She was very good at sharing her in-depth knowledge in clear and engaging ways, with kindness and compassion that encouraged one to make changes."

Anthea Hassim BSc  C Psychol Chartered Clinical Psychologist

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