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Cancer Nutrition Workshop - Client Testimonial

Updated: Mar 10

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Thank you so much, your common sense approach is so refreshing and practical. We have already stopped using our iPads at bedtime and we are already sleeping better.

We are planning to take our daily walk in the morning instead of in the afternoon, whenever possible. You are quite correct making small simple changes can make all the difference. I like the idea that there is no ‘bad food’ if you only have it very occasionally.

Somehow, once your diet contains healthy food, the less healthy food seems less appealing. Once again, thank you.

Mrs A.F.

Workshop Attendee

Do you have a group who could benefit from learning more about how nutrition affects wellbeing during cancer? I offer trusted clinical advice to cancer patients, their families and other providers of cancer care. Please get in touch with us at The Cancer Dietitian for further information.

T: 020 8064 2865

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