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Cancer Nutrition Workshop - Client Testimonial

Updated: Mar 10

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Thank you so much for your amazing presentation to Hansom Group on Saturday. You showed your brilliant understanding of Head & Neck cancer patients - you really know what we go through and that was a great start.

Your detail on food groups and your huge number of ideas were really impressive. Something for everyone here. I have included some of the comments from group members:

"She is BRILLIANT" "This talk was so good" "Great talk - inspiring with some really good ideas. I'm excited to try some of Meredy's suggestions" "Fantastic - so helpful for me - I've taken copious notes!" "Really enjoyable and informative talk" "Loved the snack ideas - so many yummy things I can try that I would never have thought of myself"

There's no doubt you were gold dust, with a plethora of interesting things that we can try and lots of tips for all the different problems Head & Neck cancer patients put up with. We are lucky to have had the benefit of your experience and we are extremely grateful that you gave up time on your Saturday to talk to us.

Happily the recording worked, and several members who missed the talk have now seen it and are thrilled to have the information. One of our Head & Neck specialist nurses has already listened to it and says she has got lots of new things she can suggest to patients who are struggling.

So what can I say, but thank you so much. We really appreciated hearing from you and benefitting for your wealth of experience.

With very best wishes, Hilary On behalf of Head & Neck Somerset (Hansom) Patient Support Group

Do you have a group who could benefit from learning more about how nutrition affects wellbeing during cancer? I offer trusted clinical advice to cancer patients, their families and other providers of cancer care. Please get in touch with us at The Cancer Dietitian for further information.

T: 020 8064 2865

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