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Cancer Nutrition - Client Testimonial

Updated: Mar 10

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I booked a programme with Meredy towards the end of my recovery from oesophageal cancer as I needed help with getting back to eating again, after 3 months of being fed through a stomach RIG. I knew a fair amount about nutrition, but I needed advice, guidance and, equally, support as to what I could and should eat in this journey back to eating again.

Each session built upon the last and also acted as a reminder of things I may have been avoiding or may have forgotten. Each session also led me to build up my own confidence that I could do this eating thing, it was not such a big deal. It also taught me a lot more about nutrition, making me aware of what nutrients were especially needed at each stage, what textures could be tackled etc It was like going on a journey with someone, step by step, a helping hand at my side.

I did not, of course, really know what to expect from Meredy: all I knew was that I needed someone well qualified and experienced in helping those with cancer, and Meredy’s name came up as one of the very few people able to do this. I immediately felt at home with Meredy, and had complete confidence in her.

Meredy listened carefully and observantly, she advised but did not push. Her circle of knowledge was vast, and I liked the way she pointed to other organisations who could also help. She was kind and sympathetic without being in anyway patronising. Meredy combined real professionalism, knowledge, and friendliness. I am thankful that I found her.

Mrs R.M.

If you would like cancer nutrition support, advice, and encouragement, please get in touch with us at The Cancer Dietitian.

T: 020 8064 2865

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