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HIDDEN VEG SAUCE by The Medicinal Chef

Kids (or grown-ups!) in the house that won’t eat any veg? This is a simple recipe that has become a true staple for many! ‘Hidden veg sauce’ can be used the base for so many dishes - pasta sauces, lasagne, cottage pie, curries, as a pizza sauce. You name it!


· 2 cloves of garlic - finely chopped

· 1 large red onion - finely chopped

· 1 red pepper - diced

· 1 courgette – diced

· 1 carrot – finely chopped

· 1 handful of baby spinach

· 400-500ml of tomato passata

You can add and/or replace any other leftover veg to make this sauce.


  • Sauté the onion and garlic in a little olive oil, along with a good pinch of salt until the onion has softened.

  • Add the pepper, courgette and carrot and continue to cook until they have started to soften.

  • Add the passata and simmer for 10 - 12 minutes until all the veg is soft.

  • Add the spinach and turn off the heat. There will be enough heat in the sauce to wilt the spinach.

  • Transfer all of this into a blender or use a handstick blender to blend into a sauce that looks, smells and tastes just like a tomato sauce, yet has an abundance of nutrients packed in.

This sauce freezes well so it’s a perfect candidate for batch cooking.

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