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Convenient Non-Refrigerated Snack Options for Hospital

Updated: Jun 6

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When you are preparing for a long day or an extended period in the hospital, it can be reassuring to have some handy snacks available. Knowing you have nutritious and convenient food on hand can alleviate some of the worry about what will be immediately available. Here’s a list of ambient foods - those that don’t require refrigeration - that you can bring with you.

If you can make some snacks yourself, that’s great! But if you prefer ready-made options, here are some ideas.

Please note that each hospital has its own policies regarding bringing food, especially in wards where meals are served and patients stay. Always check with your healthcare team about the arrangements.

General Ambient Food Options:

·      Oatcakes

·      Whole grain crackers

·      Rice/ lentil cakes

·      Individual sachets/ pots of nut or seed butter

·      Fruit pots

·      Rice pudding pots

·      Shelf-stable yoghurt pots/pouches

·      Fruit with skin on (bananas, apples, oranges)

·      Bags of nuts and seeds

·      Popcorn

·      Trail mix

·      Instant porridge tubs (add hot water)

·      Cereal

·      Shelf-stable milk or milk alternatives (single-serve cartons)

·      Canned oily fish

·      Ready-to-eat lentils, beans, or quinoa in pouches

·      Miso soup (add hot water)

·      Roasted chickpeas

·      Seaweed snacks

·      Coconut curls

·      Lentil chips

·      Edamame snacks

·      Single-serve olive packs

·      Shelf-stable nourishing drinks (some are available on prescription; consult your healthcare team for options, and I can provide advice)


Examples of Available Brands:

Here are some popular brands that provide convenient snack options. These are suggestions, not endorsements. It’s important to choose products that fit your dietary needs and preferences. Consult a nutrition professional for personalised advice.


Cereal Bars:

·      Kind

·      Deliciously Ella

·      Nature Valley


Protein Bars and Balls:

·      Bounce

·      Pulsin

·      Trek

·      BodyMe

·      Fulfil

·      Huel

·      Chia Charge


Having a variety of these snacks on hand can ensure you get the nutrition you need without added stress. Remember, always check with your healthcare team about bringing food into the hospital to comply with their policies.


If you need personalised advice or have specific dietary concerns, I am here to help. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your individual needs and how I can support you.

Telephone: 020 8064 2865

Appointments: book here


Best wishes,


The content provided in this blog is for informational purposes only and should not be considered personalised nutrition, dietetic, or medical advice. Please consult your healthcare team for personalised advice and guidance regarding your specific medical condition or dietary needs.



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